Called to the Coffin

by Sematary

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“Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.”

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released January 12, 2015

Brenton Weir- Vocals, Guitars
Chris Clark- Guitars



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SEMATARY Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: The Harrowing Autonomy
Feeding my insidious mind, I seethe as the souls align and as the snow falls onto my face she is swept unto his embrace.

I watch with a candlelight, beginning of the end of my life. A shattered soul, dead memory and the morning will never rise.

A twisted fate beset for me. Darkness through a winters mist. I will kill the light as they kiss death. Sorrow adjourned and my mind is lost.

Pain, the rapture unto you. Their lust is unaware as I dragged them into the shoal. Shudder, feel the cold grow, a mind once so pure. Yet the dagger bares her name, Betrayer.

Would their suffering cure mine? No guilt could swallow me. Overwhelmed by desire. An exit forever, from this suffering.

Chocking on myself, returning to the earth, feeling the hand of the healer, shadowed in death.
Track Name: Es Atmet
A whisper broke from the shadows that night, a cold illusion. As sure as I was it was born from the unknown, it resonated in my soul. The devil on my shoulder, saving schadenfreude. Perplexed yet engaged by this stranger, not since infancy had he visited me.

Apparition conductor the dark.

Prowess snuffed from me by an immoral hand, revealing a deceived existence. An awareness of futility grew, primitive ways awakened my soul.

In silence we conversed the bitterness of the sheep. The repressed benighted torrent of slaves. God of pity. So to cleanse this embellished and jaded dogma, enlighten me in dance. Macabre.

In the turn he called the chaos in my soul, the beasts live with masks you shan't be shamed.

And as the poison flowed with haste into my veins, a sacrifice I knew the courage to succumb to the reign.

Vater Ich brauch dich, warte auf mich, miene seele stirbt. Hilf mir,, Ich sterbe.

Father, my rival no more, you speak to me, I answer the call. Forever we ride the eternal night, pain is forlorn, the ego laments. Fear dies.
Track Name: Frozen Eternally
Born inside a world that held all pure. I extracted meaning from within, I gained nothing from this decadence just pain and for this I am forever named. Sinner.

Feel the sting of an eternal winter where horror and suffering reside, tainting our mind with dank unrest the strands of sanity unwind. Words slice like razor wire, rewinding the loop of pain, for the voices of yesteryear are calling me back again.

A serpents eyes shroud me, I cut the cord with diffidence. Shedding the armour that empowered such hatred, unlatching the final gate. Into hell I am dragged, into a frozen abyss. All adversaries stand as one, a united force against my quest.

Torturous this prejudice remains. Our minds rot in this cage. Fermenting a demons vows. This darkness eclipses the night.

A mirror is held by the captor, the image beholds the grotesque. The world reflects, expectations are met yet sullen eyes relay no surprise. Confrontation will behold the fevers, yet my hearts still gripped in the vice, but at once I am thrown from the netherworld thrust back to my complacent soul.

A sunned path is the gift to me, I turn to conceal the lie. Change is beyond conceivably. Frozen eternally an internal coffin.